Chimney Cleaners in the Greensboro, NC Area

Greensboro, NC grew into the beautiful city we see today because of its history in textile mills and factories. These times opened the doors for the city and all its potential economically. It’s now evolved into what we see today as a “Tournament Town.” This is because its overall wealth has flourished off of athletic developments such as stadiums and fields. With all this new growth in Greensboro, NC comes new homeowners.

With owning homes comes the maintenance of things such as chimneys. It’s important to find dependable chimney cleaners that you can trust. Chimneys are one part of your home you’ll want to leave to the professionals. They can come in and not only clean, inspect, repair, but restore chimneys so you don’t have to. Having reliable chimney cleaners is key to keeping your home safe for you and your family.


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A Cleaner Chimney is a professional chimney cleaning company that will keep your home safe by properly inspecting and cleaning out your home’s chimney. We perform all types of services such as chimney restoration, chimney sweep, chimney repairs, chimney inspection, and of course chimney cleanings. Our team of specialists can also install custom chimney caps and chimney covers. As Greensboro, NC natives, we feel that it is our mission to provide you with quality chimney cleanings. Give us a call today and schedule your next chimney inspection!